Subsonic Large Scale Wind Tunnel

CeFPaC Subsonic Large Scale Wind Tunnel

The Subsonic Large Scale Wind Tunnel was purchased from ELD (Engineering Laboratory Design Inc.) in 2006.  The tunnel is an open circuit tunnel driven by a 100 hp motor and has a contraction ration of 9:1 providing a maximum velocity of ~50 m/s.  The test section has a cross-section of 80 cm x 80 cm and a full working length of 5 m.  It has three optically accessible walls and the ceiling is instrumented with an articulated opaques surface for the generation of pressure gradients down the length of the test section.  The optically accessible side windows are interchangeable allowing for them to be reorganized in many different configurations.  Test models are typically side wall mounted and the lab insfrastructure allows for the acquition of Steroscopic PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry), 6 DoF Load Cell, Static Surface Pressure, and embedded Dynamic Pressure Transducer measurements.