Measurements of a Stator-Induced Circumferentially-Varying Flow


The flow physics associated with the generation of both axisymmetric and non-axisymmetric swirl by various deflection patterns of a stator array was investigated experimentally through surface pressure and Stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry measurements. A three-dimensional rendering technique was developed to reconstruct the flow field around the model and in its wake. The three-dimensional fluid volume was reconstructed from multiple two-dimensional measurement planes. A cyclic distribution of the stators’ deflections resulted in non-axisymmetric distributions of the surface pressure and the flow field downstream of the stator array. The addition of a shroud had an amplifying effect: accelerating the flow through the stator array while reducing the non-uniform tangential velocity component generated by the stators. In the model near wake the flow field is associated with secondary flow patterns in the form of coherent streamwise vortical structures that can be described by potential flow mechanisms. The collective pitch distribution of the stators produces a flow field that resembles a potential Rankine vortex, whereas the cyclic pitch distribution generates a flow pattern that can be described by a potential vortex pair in a cross-flow.

Farnsworth, J., Amitay, M., Beal, D. and Huyer, S., "Measurements of a Stator-Induced Circumferentially-Varying Flow."

Experiments in Fluids, March 2011.