Separation Control in Duct Flows


Active control of separation in a duct flow is achieved using an array of fluidic actuators based on synthetic-jet technology. A two-dimensional serpentine duct model is designed to produce controlled separated flow in two configurations, in which the flow is either completely separated or has a separation bubble. An array of synthetic-jet actuators is placed within the separated flow domain in the diffuser section downstream of the onset of separation. Actuation leads to complete flow attachment up to U-in = 75 m/s (M approximate to 0.2) and to partial reattachment up to U-in = 105 m/s (M approximate to 0.3).

Amitay, M., Pitt, D. and Glezer, A., "Separation Control in Duct Flows."

Journal of Aircraft, Volume 39, Issue 4, p. 616-620, 2002.