Interactions of a Propeller with a Stator-Induced Circumferentially-Varying Flow


The interactions of a circumferentially varying stator cascade and a downstream fixed pitch propeller were investigated experimentally. The global performance of the components and the coupled system were systematically investigated through force and moment measurements on the propulsor model in a water tunnel. In addition, the wake of the cyclic stator cascade with and without the propeller was investigated downstream from a propulsor model using the Stereoscopic PIV technique. A cyclic distribution of the stators’ deflections resulted in non-axisymmetric distributions of the flow field downstream of the stator array. The stator distribution alone produced a significant side force that increased linearly with stator pitch amplitude. When a propeller was incorporated downstream from the cyclic cascade, the side force from the stator cascade was reduced, but a small normal force and pitching moment were created. The generation of these secondary forces and moments can be related to the redistribution of the tangential flow from the cyclic cascade into the axial direction by the retreating and advancing blade states of the fixed pitch propeller.

Farnsworth, J., Amitay, M., Beal, D. and Huyer, S., "Interactions of a Propeller with a Stator-Induced Circumferentially-Varying Flow."

Experiments in Fluids, Volume 52, Issue 2, p. 495-501, DOI information: 10.1007/s00348-011-1239-3, January 2012.