Bubble Dynamics and Interactions with a Pair of Micro Pillars in Tandem


This study investigates flow patterns and bubble dynamics of two-phase flow around two 100 μm diameter circular pillars in tandem, which were entrenched inside a horizontal micro channel. Bubble velocity, trajectory, size, and void fraction were measured using a high speed camera and analyzed using a particle tracking velocimetry method. A range of gas and liquid superficial velocities were tested, resulting in different bubbly flow patterns, which were consistent with previous studies. These flow patterns were altered as they interacted with the pillars. Depending on the relative transverse location of bubbles to the pillars, and through bubble–bubble interaction, the flow sometimes returned to its original state. It was also determined that the pillars altered both the bubble trajectory and void fraction, especially in the pillars region.

Elcock, D., Honkanen, M., Juo, C., Amitay, M. and Peles, Y., "Bubble Dynamics and Interactions with a Pair of Micro Pillars in Tandem."

International Journal of Multiphase Flow, Volume 37, Issue 5, p. 440-452, 2011.