Trishala Chaudhary

Contact Information: 



Anticipated:  B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, May 2018

Internships and Co-ops:

  • Engineering Intern, The Boeing Company-BDS Space Exploration, Houston, Texas, Summer 2016
Joined CeFPaC: 
January 2016
CeFPaC Experience: 

The project currently being developed utilizes jets to manipulate flow around buildings. Long term applications would allow for implementation in large cities to bring cleaner air from higher altitudes to street levels. Initial design phases required the building to be represented with the location of jets using CAD software. Next steps will involve PIV testing.

The goal of this research experience is to gain an understanding of the field of Aerospace Engineering in interdisciplinary application beyond classroom studies. These experiences help build an appreciation for the field and show what graduate studies may be like on a small scale. I am working with a graduate student in developing and testing novel design-integrated technologies towards improved aerodynamic performance of multi-scalar structures. 

I assist graduate student, Nina Wilson, in processes such as designing models using CAD software or PIV and wind tunnel testing of models. I assist in data acquisition, model calibration tunnel setup, and data analysis and visualization for collaborative publication. Additionally, I aid Nina in designing and developing 3D-printed prototypes at multiple scales to test aerodynamic performance, and in constructing models using soldering, sanding, and various forms of machining to make sure the model meets specifications. I also use the knowledge and skills I have acquired in Aerospace Engineering thus far to assist in interdisciplinary technology innovation and make preliminary design recommendations as part of the team.