Professor Sam Taira

Awards & Honors: 

Recipient of the 2013 U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research and 2016 Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Awards

Selected Publications: 

K. Taira and H. Nakao, "Phase-Response Analysis of Synchronization for Periodic Flows," Journal of Fluid Mechanics, accepted, 2018

K. Taira, S. L. Brunton, S. T. M. Dawson, C. W. Rowley, T. Colonius, B. J. McKeon, O. T. Schmidt, S. Gordeyev, V. Theofilis, and L. S. Ukeiley, "Modal Analysis of Fluid Flows: An Overview," AIAA Journal, 55(12), 4013-4041, 2017

T. Kajishima and K. Taira, "Computational Fluid Dynamics: Incompressible Turbulent Flows," Springer, 2017

Y. Sun, K. Taira, L. N. Cattafesta, and L. S. Ukeiley, "Biglobal Instabilities of Compressible Open-Cavity Flows," Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 826, 270-301, 2017

K. Taira, A. G. Nair, and S. L. Brunton, "Network Structure of Two-Dimensional Decaying Isotropic Turbulence," Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 795, R2, 2016

A. G. Nair and K. Taira, "Network-Theoretic Approach to Sparsified Discrete Vortex Dynamics," Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 768, 549-571, 2015