CeFPaC Group Members Attend The American Physical Society Divsion of Fluid Dynamics Conference

Portland, OR:  On November 20, 2016, CeFPaC group members:  Samantha Gildersleeve, Kevin Housley, Marianne Monastero and Tom Rice with Center Director, Michael Amitay attended the American Physial Society (APS) Division of Fluid Dynamics 2016 Conference. 

The APS Conference is strongly focused on fundamental physics and fluid dynamics which offers a very professional atmosphere for fundamentalists, theoreticians, and applications-based research.  Professor Amitay and his four Ph.D. students presented their respective research based in the flow control and actuator development categories. 

The Portland convention center hosted thousands in the fluid dynamics and physics fields across the country, as well as international groups, making this conference very integral to broadening our knowledge, learning of other milestones which have been reached, and encouraging cross-collaboration to attain common goals.

More information regarding APS can be found at:  http://meetings.aps.org/Meeting/DFD16/Content/3199

CeFPaC Group Members: Professor Amitay, Marianne Monastero, Kevin Housley, Samantha Gildersleeve and Tom Rice